1. Oil Spill Seashore Protection and Remediation Plan
  2. Subsea Pressure Relief and Distribution System
  3. Presentation to Barack Obama
  4. Research & Dive Vessel
  6. Dive Support Vessels Video

2 Responses to Solutions

  1. ghana serapis says:

    At what point do you believe it would merit them enacting Martial Law and demanding the evacuation of gulf states up to 200 miles in shore? Day # what?

  2. Steve Ward says:

    I have demonstrated “Wardforce”, which is the forward and backward motion part of the magnetic field, I have isolated it from the North and South Poles. My US patent #7531930 is a method of converting magnetic energy into torque and current. Knowing only what is taught today about the Magnetic Field, it is impossible to cause these reactions, which is energy from magnets, only. With devices I have, I demonstrate how torque is generated from “Wardforce” while an AC current is generated from the North and South Poles, using magnets as the source. More FREE information can be found at and videos of different devices, with explanations
    “Hands on” demonstrations can be arranged. “Magnetism is elementary, they teach it in 3rd grade science.” Why are your children not being taught about Wardforce? It has been demonstrated to exist and be manipulated. This is the “information age”. If we don’t teach others what we have learned, what good does it do for the future of our children, or … mankind? Everything we know and do is related to the MF, and another part has been discovered! No matter what or how it is being used, it is being used!

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