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CHE Partnership Call – The Human Health Effects of the Gulf Coast Oil Spill: A Summary of the IOM Workshop

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  1. LOIS says:

    I am 10 N I can prove what I no, can U prove what U think U no? Kid R adult U hear things N wonder whats true R not, But past 4 months I saw N heard many things I can promise U nothing was R is fair R honest, when U hear how our leaders R liars N dishonest U wonder I promise U wonder no more, they BP included wash eachs other;s hands who can do 4 who N what they will get from it. B 4 U ever stand up 4 anyone please no the facts, I promise if U knew these facts U will not rally BP

    Let this 10 yr old tell U how U can help a whole town that was affected, although every person was affected in this town not everyone is a fisher man, why is only fishers being helped, many of us R hurt all of our lives changed, we all swim, fish n yard, eat the seafood either N our local store R from our yard many things now changed, however its easy 4 U 2 4 get the whole impact what ever is cheaper, well saving money put U N this mess N first place, now it’s about righting a wrong. Our gym needs aircindition, our park N schools need few things, this is one way 2 help the small town that U turned up side down, this is right, fair and helps whole town N so many ways, whats up with grown ups, do U 4 get kids need 2 follow role models, us kids not interested N your greed R high power, we just want a normal town again, air condition will B best place 2 start, many kids can address this down sorrow and widely spread depression from all this affected grown- ups Let’s start off demonstration helping the whole town!

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