Osceola’s Crying – Darrell Clanton

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5 Responses to Osceola’s Crying – Darrell Clanton

  1. Donnie Brown says:

    Wow!!! it blew me away! uncharted Hit Recording. Keep it up. God Bless you.

  2. ANGIE says:

    Great sound… tells a story of the BP disaster and the sad cries of all the people… feeling everyones pain and sorrow as we watched the black tides roll in, knowing we could not change a thing. Keep on promoting this cause.

  3. Graeme Fowler says:

    Wikipedia-Hydrofracking may have been used in over a Million wells
    Big Brother is sending us all down the gurgler
    Thank God for God
    The Lambs will be sorted from the Goats
    Dress rehearsal
    The Judgement Day.

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