Digging Under the Macondo Tombstones

By Gulf Rescue Alliance

As of April 20, 2012—the 2nd Anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster — we have a backdrop of recently published scientific studies[i] indicating sick and dying dolphins, coral and other sea life; bacteria laden tar balls washing onto beaches, an intoxicated Gulf food chain and a Macondo geohazard risk zone over a mile below the surface that some experts say has the potential of releasing toxic gas and oil into the Gulf of Mexico for the next 25 years.  Behind this deepwater curtain, there are still many unknowns about the BP Oil Spill events and response.

While a federal trial is still pending and BP settlement talks with the Department of Justice and other stakeholders are on-going, the public are still waiting for a revelation to settle the many open questions associated with the largest oil spill in history.